wedding website

for all of you who faithfully check my site and are constantly disappointed that there are NEVER any new entries, i re-direct you to a site that is more frequently being updated with both pictures and information re: our upcoming wedding.


for all of you who are looking at coming to the wedding, there will be pertinent information there re: hotels, good flight prices, details, etc.

and i keep the pics pretty recent too (we are trying to be more intentional about taking them).

comment, comment, comment when you go so i know people are checking!


time back east

i told peter early on in our relationship that it was imperative that he go back east with me to meet and get to know the many people there that i care for so deeply. so on april 3, we headed to the east coast to visit a few of my college friends and my "second family" in salisbury. a photo log of the trip:

pinkhousers unite! (at the national art gallery)
peter and amy at the washington monument
that's abe. (and peter.)
among the cherry blossoms . . .
driving over the bay bridge (can you see it in the background???). i had this warm feeling in my heart as we crossed that made it clear that i still consider the shore "home" in large part.
par-tay at the townsends
at assateague. peter got to see the atlantic and the wild horses, even though we never saw the sun while we were visiting. we attempted a walk down the beach, but were thwarted by strong winds and high tide. as a result, he proposed in the car instead of looking out over the ocean.
dinner with my former co-workers monday night.
peter's first time pickin' crabs!

news worth posting . . .

as my posts are so few and far between these days, i'm not sure that anyone even checks this thing anymore. nonetheless, there is great news in my life to share. blogger seems to be an appropriate and far-reaching way of sharing it.

on april 7, 2008 peter joseph foley asked me to become his bride. with a full heart and full assurance, i accepted.

so there you have it.

we are engaged.

several pictures taken by miss anna harr and miss annie huntington the day of our engagement (they were the first to see the ring after he proposed!) i show you these more to highlight the pure talent of the photographers . . . getting to see me with my soon-to-be husband is just a bonus. :-)

hoping for an october wedding . . . anyone from salisbury think they'll be able to come???


ski retreat!!!

yes, our small group finally picked a date (this past weekend) and headed up to the Borger's cabin in Fairplay to spend time together. the weekend was wonderfully engaging . . . fixing meals, eating birthday cake, playing Munchkin, skiing, opening the door to find a stuffed bear standing outside, discussing the Church and our role in it, squeezing 8 of us onto one couch to play Catchphrase . . .

a few pics of the skiing portion of our weekend . . .

adam, rebecca and peter at the base of super bee.

and again . . .
rebecca and me.
becky and rebecca on the lift.
yep, that's my boyfriend.

the mogels i skied in one of the back bowls at copper.
nothing better than hot chocolate and granola bars after a day of skiing.
jon, scott and rebecca

peter and me.

view from the lift.

the crew: scott, rebecca, peter, me, adam, becky, phil, jon


hear ye, hear ye . . .

for all those virginians and marylanders that i love and miss, this is a pathetic group announcement. i use the word pathetic only because i wish there was time in my days to talk to each of you on a regular basis. so that a message like this one would not be necessary.

but this is what you revert to when you move away. group updates over email, group announcements on a blog, group hang-outs when you go back to visit, conference calls where you catch up on 3 weeks on living in an hour's time. it is the nature of moving. of loving people in one place and at the same time trying to begin loving others in another. of change.

mind you, it's better than nothing. i think sometimes how different things would look were we to have been born in another age . . . another century . . . when communication was nothing of what it is now. when 'posting' something on a 'blog' would have seemed like an outlandish, sci-fi concept. we are blessed by technology . . . when we use it for good (that's a whole other blog topic . . .).

as matt robins would say, i digress . . .

this point of this blog was to let you know:
i'm coming to town. flying in to d.c. on 3 apr 08 at 2235. will be staying in d.c. for one day, two nights. then travelling to salisbury on 05 apr 08. i'll be around until 08 apr 08. please let me know who will be free as i want to cram as much hang out time as possible into those shrot five days.

my valentine.

peter was away on business for our first valentine's day. while i didn't think it would matter all that much, i missed him a good deal and was disappointed not to spend the evening with him. but what i didn't know was that while he was away he was using swiss army knife scissors, tissue paper and a picture of us to make me a homemade valentine. it was worth waiting for. :-)

meet henry.

henry is one of peter's nephews. and to our benefit, we get to see him (and his lovely parents) quite often. almost weekly.

recently, i picked up my old manual SLR and shot some pics of him around the house. here you have some of them.

isn't he just about the most adorable thing you've ever seen?





i'm coming

next weekend.
i hope to see as many people as possible in the short 46 hours i'll be on the east coast. i don't plan on sleeping much.


take care in this small place.

*******found, read, appreciated and scooped up this card today in a quaint shop in downtown littleton.
risky, but wonderfully necessary, business. *******


maryland meets colorado.

this entry has been delayed secondary to internet problems and a busy life. but it is worth posting, even if late.

my dear girls, annie and anna, came to visit me! what a wonderful gift to me - for them to spend their money and time to come see me. it was truly a rich blessing. a much needed taste of home.

i will spare you a lot of writing as you would be reading for hours if i were to write of all of our adventures together. instead, i'll let annie's pics give you a taste of our time together. for a full photo report, see her flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/juliannaelise)

around the house

outside by the pond

art museum and stella's coffee shop

downtown for dinner and the art show

colorado springs

at the airport